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"One of the most motivating men I’ve ever heard speak!"

Keith Walawender

CEO at Tomahawk Strategic Solutions

US Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator, Retired

Redesign Your Culture

Effective leaders compel others to reach their highest potential. In order to do that, they must first assess their own mindset, behaviors and actions. They realize their culture is created by these responses and understand the importance of building a powerful climate to inspire their team members to show up as the best version of themselves.  

Motivate People To Grow To Their Greatest Potential

Great leaders are devoted to their team’s success. They commit their time and energy to bringing out the highest potential of their people. They understand the power of this potential on team performance. They lead by example and utilize tools and strategies to support their personal and professional growth. 


Empower People To Believe In Themselves

Motivating leaders inspire people to build a better life and career. They encourage others to face adversity and overcome fear, failure, and life challenges in order to make an impact in their organization and the world. They empower rather than enable. They cultivate curiosity and leverage a growth mindset. 


If you are looking to uplevel your leadership skills or enhance your performance, Jim Stroker provides the strategies you need to begin this valuable process. 

Leadership Training

"Feeling so blessed to have heard and received so many lessons from you!"


and Rick

Life Coaching

Coach Stroker's unique inspirational life coaching practice serves a diverse clientele from adolescents to high-stakes business leaders. His ability to create life roadmaps for those seeking a path to creating their best selves has been influential and effective with hundreds of people. Rarely does anyone offer both hope and guidance to those looking for answers and a clear path towards their goals. 

Coach Stroker's life coaching is based on forward movement, accountability, and crafting a plan that allows individuals to carry forward independently. It is crucial to recognize where you currently are and to understanding what you truly want.  Your "why" is the key  to gaining the fuel, the inspiration, and the resilience to succeed.


One of Coach Stoker's gifts combines skill coaching with the ability to stay calm, focused and confident. His root message is painted with optimism, gratitude and kindness. Breathwork, mindfulness, positive self-talk combined with visualization connect his training. Coach Stroker can also integrate physical movement, exercise, stretching, weight training, cardiovascular, aerobic, yoga, intense HIT training as part of an effective life coaching program.

Individual programs are based on client needs and desires. From gathering once a week to daily connections, both effective strategies for different people and circumstances. Virtual life training (Zoom/phone) for clients with proximity/time other constraints.  Coach Stroker's personal history and training informs a special areas of expertise in working with people with different physical and psychological abilities.

Keynote Speaker

"Jim Stroker is inspiring and motivational. He has been our opening keynote speaker the past two years. I had staff members speak to me after his first speaking appearance at our school and requested he come back to speak... And believe me, the staff is hard to please because they demand excellence and have high expectations when outside guests come into the school. Jim is so good that we are going to have him speak at the Morris County Association of Elementary and Middle School Administrators (MCAEMSA) fall conference for all Morris County educators. He is successful at tiering in events that happened in his personal life and he has excperience as a teacher, so he gets the educational world. Top notch person and speaker."

Dr. Kurt Ceresnack

Principal and Graduate Professor

Coach Stroker's keynote speeches are customized to meet your needs and goals. Coach's deeply engaging talks, strategies, and stories have influenced leaders in sports, business, and education. Jim carefully crafts each speech to cover topics such as leadership, teamwork, growth mindset and his famous E +R =O formula.  His passion for transformation is based on his incredible life experiences and his ability to thrive through one of his greatest life challenges. 


His clients include Morgan Stanley, Gotham Technology, Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Multiple Casinos and Resort Leaders, and countless schools across the country. 

"It has been over a week since we had Coach join us for our mid-year rally and I’m still getting favorable comments from the team."

Robert Livingston

Regional President and GM, Harrah Phoenix Ak-Chin Casino


E + R = O

Events + your Response = the Outcome

The pandemic has been brutal for all of us, and it’s clear we have gone through a traumatic event with Covid- 19. Our nervous systems have clicked into sympathetic mode and if we are not careful, that anxiousness and nervousness will linger changing our lives forever. 

And not for the better.

So how are you going to choose calm over chaos and reset? Will you just continue down a path filled with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed? Or will you decide to reset your mindset with the power of awareness, optimism, and gratitude?

You can either decide to allow your growing anxiety to steal your dreams or you can choose that despite the hardships of the pandemic, you have the power to control what happens in the space between your ears.

Your mind. 

In order to develop this growth mindset which will allow you to manage your emotions and live your life despite the challenges you face,  you need a formula. 

That is exactly what you will get when you learn the powerful equation E+R=O.

Join Coach Stroker in one of his motivational workshops and be prepared to uncover a deep awareness which will transform how you approach your life. But it’s not just about changing your life, it’s about enhancing your human experience, and allowing you to become the very best version of yourself. 

"After listening to and working with Jim, you will feel empowered to face the world."

Thomas Gorman

Principal Ridgewood

High School

Coach Jim Stroker is a Life Coach, Leadership Trainer, and Keynote Speaker.


Coach Stroker's unique gift to craft and deliver motivational and educational keynote seminars resonates with audiences ranging from Fortune 500 CEO’s to thousands of high school students throughout the country, as well as Nonprofits, Military, Gaming Associations, Healthcare Practitioners, and Native Americans. 

Some of Jim’s Keynote topics include: How to reduce anger and conflict through example, strategies for embedding a culture of gratitude within your organization and how gratitude can impact daily performance and behavior. Jim also speaks about managing and deepening emotional intelligence in the workplace and how to train employees on powerful reactions to difficult situations.

Coach Stroker’s wellness program has been cited as one of the nation’s best and he is also the creator of “Inspirational Hotline”, a morning message delivered to 700 students. He has over 30 years of experience within the New Jersey Public School System as a sports coach as well as a wellness educator.  Coach Stroker is an inductee to the New Jersey Coaches Hall of Fame and a recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Alumni Award at Ridgewood High School.

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Smile and Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Peace.

If There's a Big Enough Reason WHY  . . .  

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